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The whole site

Download everything on this site from Github.

Predicate logic and json

The gkc prover used for proving the examples and converting formats can be downloaded from Github with the AGPL v3 licence. Instead of checking out the current development version we recommend to download the latest release containing the pre-compiled no-dependencies command line binaries for Linux, Windows, MacOS and Wasm.
Gkc uses the WhiteDb main memory database for internal structures.
The JSON-LD-LOGIC proposal is available here.

Propositional logic

The propositional logic provers is a set of self-contained, no-dependencies, easy-to-hack javascript code under the MIT licence. Either download everything from from Github or as separate files:
Release 2020-08-31.
User interface for trying out all the functions: Solvers for experimenting with different algorithms are self-contained: Utilities are also self-contained: